Can you play music that’s not on your repertoire list?
Ask us – we might have what you want in our repertoire. Elegant Entertainment’s musicians are experienced professionals able to play nearly any style of music. Often, however, written music is not available for newer tunes. And some music cannot be adapted to traditional instruments. On rare occasions, we can create an arrangement for a song you want; such composition requires additional time and expense.

Why do you have different music lists for the trio and the quartet?
Trio and quartet compositions are actually very different. While many titles are common to both lists, the string trio has fewer songs. Many tunes listed on the quartet list are not available on the trio list. In some cases, tunes on the trio list are not available for the quartet. Always ask us if you want music not published on our lists.

Will you come to my wedding rehearsal?
Usually, no. Experience has proven that there is no time at a typical rehearsal to run through the music. It is simply more helpful to work with us ahead of time to establish what will be played and when.

Why do you require payment in advance?
Pre-payment is helpful both to you and Elegant Entertainment. The day of a special event, there is just too much activity to follow up with payments for services. The deposit and pre-payment also protect us from last-minute cancellations at times that might otherwise have been booked.

Do you need a sound system?
In most locations, no. Talk with us ahead of time to discuss special needs. We can work with your DJ or sound technician, if amplification is necessary. In some situations, we can provide the appropriate, necessary gear.

The Wedding Service Form has lots of information about my wedding. Will you need anything else ahead of time?
When we arrive to set up before the event, we will probably need to talk with somebody who knows the service plan. Timing is everything in these situations, and we will need a reliable person to give us cues at times in the service when designated tunes are needed, and we might need to hear from the minister to know what he or she says just before the final music.

Can you play at an outdoor event?
Yes. but we cannot perform in certain weather conditions because our musical instruments are sensitive to extremes. (Repairs on these fine instruments can be quite expensive.) Violin-type instruments are glued wooden boxes under a lot of tension from tightened strings. If the temperature drops much below 65 degrees, the strings could easily pop out of tune. Rain can ruin the natural varnish quickly, and direct sunlight endangers the glue joints.

How much shade do you need on a sunny day?
The string quartet occupies a square area about eight feet on a side. An overhanging tree or a nearby wall can often provide enough shade. Many people provide pop-up canopies, but the shade can be inadequate, especially late in the day, when the sun is lower in the sky.