Q:        What kind of music do you play?
A:         Elegant Entertainment has a wide range of music available from Bach to Led Zeppelin.  Please check out our song list.

Q:        How soon do we have to book you for our date?
A:         Elegant Entertainment has a busy schedule. Please confirm your date with us as soon as possible.

Q:        When is payment due?
A:         Full payment is due 30 days prior to your event.

Q:        When do you need the music selections for our event?
A:         Ideally, music selections are due with the deposit. This allows us to book the best musicians available for each job.

Q:        Do you need a sound system inside or out and if so who provides it?
A:         As a general rule, we do not need a sound system.  If hiring an electric piano or acoustic guitar, we will need power to plug in these instruments. 

Q:        My Cousin sings, can you accompany him at the wedding?
A:         We are happy to accompany a soloist of any kind.  They will need to provide sheet music appropriate for the group that you have booked.  We will arrive 60 minutes prior to your ceremony to rehearse the song.  The fee for accompaying a soloist is ad additional $200.00. If an additional rehearsal or separate day/time is needed, you will be charged additional fees.

Q:        Some of the songs I want are not on your list, can you play them anyhow?
A:         We have an extensive repertoire and do not have room to publish the entire list.  Please share the title of your special song to us, and we will see if we have it.  If we do not have it in our library, you will be charged an additional fee to cover the purchase cost of sheet music.  If no sheet music is available, we might be able to arrange it for your event for an additional fee.

Q:        What do you wear and what time will you arrive at my wedding?
A:         The musicians wear concert black and arrive approximately 30 minutes before time to start performing. If you prefer specific attire please let us know.

Q:        Our wedding and reception are in two different locations.  Do you charge for travel time?
A:         We charge for the full amount of time booked, which includes the travel time.

Q:        We are having a full Catholic mass.  Will you play the responses? 
A:         Elegant Entertainment prefers that the music director or cantor from the church be in charge of the liturgical portion of a full mass.  If Elegant Entertainment needs to learn and play these, there will be an additional fee.  Please check with Donna McFarland with regard to the fee.

Q:        Can I make payments?
A:         Payments can be made on the balance, but the deposit must be paid in full to secure musicians for your date. We accept multiple forms of payment to include, check, credit card, Venmo, Square PayPal and Zelle.

Q:        Will your group come to the wedding rehearsal?
A:         As a general rule we do not attend rehearsals.  If you need someone to attend the rehearsal, it will be one member of your booked group for an additional fee.  This individual will not perform at the rehearsal.

Q:        What if it rains at my outdoor wedding?
A:         We do not play in the rain.  Shelter must be provided. Rain will destroy our instruments and our music, so, it is not possible to play in the rain.

Q:        Will the performing group need a break?
A:         The instrumentalist do not need a break during a standard 75-minute wedding ceremony.  However, the group will need a 15-minute break for each hour booked for a reception or cocktail event above one hour.

Q:        Is a tip expected for the musicians?
A:         A tip can come in many forms such as a positive review on social media, or referring us to your associates, or a return engagement. However, a monetary tip is always appreciated by our performers.