About Us

ELEGANT ENTERTAINMENT began life as a working string quartet in 2000. As business grew, Donna McFarland, cellist, assumed the role of business manager and Maretta Alden, violinist, became the music director. Since 2000, EE has evolved to provide professional musicians for weddings, corporate events, private parties and recording sessions, throughout Midwest Ohio. 

In the beginning, Elegant Entertainment had a core group which included Donna Taft and Ken Clark. However, as our services became more in demand, our group had to expand. 

Meet The Musicians

Currently, our regular performers include the following:

Maretta K. Alden (violin, viola)

Donna McFarland (emeritus cello)

Gary Appleton (piano)

Sera Cheon (cello)

Ken Clark (viola)

Brent Eresman (clarinet, saxophone)

Lee Griffith (cello emeritus)

Tom Guth (cello)

Corey Hall (violin, viola)

Caitlyn Lana (cello)

Barbara Leeds (piano, organ)

Dominic Mileti (viola, violin)

Cinnamon Peppo (harp)

Pam Rauch (flute)

Scott Saville (guitar)

Bill Slusser (violin)

Bobbie Strobhar (harp)

Rachael Earley (cellist)

Kimberly Ritzinger (piano)

Melanie Schackmann (viola)

Veronica Schackmann (vocalist)

Donna Taft (violin emeritus)

Lynda Herndon (violin)

Yera Lee (violin, viola)

Sam Happeney (cello)